We would love to have you visit us for any of the services listed below! Please scroll down for Location, What to Expect, and Children's Opportunities.

Please note that:

  • Some important COVID-19 safety information is listed beneath this schedule.
  • Nursery care IS available during Sunday School, Sunday Worship, and Wednesday Worship.
  • Zoom links are available, via email, upon request


  10:00am  Sunday School


                           nursery available

  11:00am  Worship

                           in-person & Facebook Live

                           nursery available

  7:30pm    Ladies’ Prayer


  8:15pm    Men’s Prayer



  8:00pm    Ladies’ Prayer



  7:00pm    Worship

                           in-person & Facebook Live

                           nursery available



  9:00am    Men’s Prayer


COVID-19 Safety Information

  • We ask that anyone refrain from attending who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the most recent 14 days, is aware of having been exposed to the novel coronavirus in the most recent 14 days, or has any symptoms of illness (including fever)
  • We ask that all attendees be in compliance with the mask requirements put in place by the Ohio Department of Health on July 23 and August 13, 2020.
  • Further protocols are also in place, and are posted at the church building. They are also available via mail or email upon request.


6401 Ridge Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45213

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What To Expect

Here is what you can expect at our gatherings:

Prayer Meetings

Our prayer meetings are times for sharing praises and prayer requests, and then praying with and for one another over these praises and requests. Men pray with men, and women with women. Children and teens are welcome to attend as well.

Sunday School, Sundays, 10am

Whether you are a toddler, a teenager, or a great-grandmother, we have a Sunday School class for you! Sunday School features instruction from the Bible, helpful discussion, and lesson-related activities^ for the little ones (sorry adults, no construction paper for you!). Nursery is provided for kids up to age 36 months.

Worship, Sundays, 11am

These times of worship are a key event in our church week. When you attend Sunday worship, expect a call to worship, congregational singing, a pastoral prayer, reading aloud from the Bible, an offering time* (guests need feel no compulsion to give), a sermon drawn from the words of the Bible, and a time of prayer after the sermon (this prayer time is not on the Facebook Live stream). Nursery is provided for kids up to age 36 months.

Worship, Wednesdays, 7pm

Wednesday worship features a time for prayer, praise, and sharing testimonies of how God is teaching us from His word (this part of the service is not on the Facebook Live stream).  Expect, also, reading aloud from the Bible, singing, and a sermon drawn from the words of the Bible. Nursery is provided for kids up to age 36 months.

^These activities may be limited or omitted during this coronavirus season.

*We are not passing the offering plate during this coronavirus season. Gifts can be placed in the plates (on the table below the pulpit) before or after services.

ChildRen's Opportunities

Children, of any age, are always welcome to participate with their parents in any of our gatherings. But if you prefer, the following children's opportunities are available:

   Sunday, 10:00am 

   -Sunday School (age 3 - grade 12)

   -Nursery (newborn - 36 months)

   Sunday, 11:00am

   -Nursery (newborn - 36 months)^

   Wednesday, 7:00pm

   -Nursery (newborn - 36 months)^ 

^Children 3 and up are encouraged to attend Worship (Sundays at 11am, Wednesdays at 7pm) with their parent, guardian, etc.