When & Where


9am - Prayer Meeting

10am - Sunday School

11am - Gathered Worship


7pm - Gathered Worship


6401 Ridge Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45213

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Scroll down for to find out what to expect, and to read about children's opportunities.

What To Expect

We'd be delighted to have you with us at any of the following gatherings:

Prayer Meeting, Sundays, 9am

Our first gathering on Sunday is our Prayer Meeting. We follow up an opening song with a reading from Scripture, and then thank God for what that Scripture reveals about Him, and pray for any prayer concerns to which that Scripture may call attention. We then break up into smaller groups to share praises for what God is doing, and to pray together for our missionaries, and for other needs that are brought up by the participants.

Twice monthly, during the prayer meeting, children aged 3 through 3rd grade are welcome to attend our Missions, Memory, and Music class.  Scroll down for more about children's opportunities.

Sunday School, Sundays, 10am

Whether you are a toddler, a teenager, or a great-grandmother, we have a Sunday School class for you!  Sunday School features instruction from the Bible, helpful discussion, and lesson-related activities for the little ones (sorry adults, no construction paper for you!). 

Nursery is provided, during Sunday School time, for kids up to age 36 months.

Gathered Worship, Sundays, 11am; Wednesdays, 7pm

These times of worship are a key event in our church week. When you attend our worship times, expect a pastoral prayer for the needs of the congregation and beyond, reading aloud of the Bible, congregational singing, an offering time (guests need feel no compulsion to give), and a sermon drawn from the words of the Bible.  

We are delighted to have children with us in prayer and worship as soon as their parents see fit, but many families also take advantage of our nursery during the worship services. Scroll down to read more about children's opportunities.

ChildRen's Opportunities

Children, of any age, are always welcome to participate with their parents in any of our gatherings. But if you prefer, the following children's opportunities are available:

Sunday, 9:00am  

-Missions, Memory, and Music

     (twice monthly*, age 3 - grade 3)

-There is no nursery at 9am

Sunday, 10:00am 

-Nursery (newborn - 36 months)  

-Sunday School (age 3 - grade 12)

Sunday, 11:00am

-Nursery (newborn - 36 months)^

Wednesday, 7:00pm

-Nursery (newborn - 36 months)^ 

*Contact the church for the Missions, Memory, and Music schedule.  On weeks when the class is not held, children are encouraged to attend the prayer meeting.

^Children 3 and up are encouraged to attend Worship (Sundays at 11am, Wednesdays at 7pm) with their parent, guardian, etc.