What To Expect

Prayer Meeting, Sundays, 9am

We gather first thing on Sundays for 45-50 minutes of prayer. Beginning each of our meetings with a reading from Scripture, we thank God for what that Scripture reveals about Him, and pray for various concerns to which that Scripture may give rise. We then break up into smaller groups to thank God for what He is doing in our individual lives and families, and to pray together for specific needs in our families and congregation.

Twice monthly, during the prayer meeting, children aged 3 through 3rd grade are welcome to attend our Missions, Memory, and Music class.  See our children page for more info.

Bible Studies, Sundays, 10am

Whether you are a toddler, a teenager, or a great-grandmother, we have a small-group Bible study for you! Our study hour features times of prayer, instruction from the Bible, helpful discussion, and lesson-related activities and projects for the kids (sorry adults, no construction paper for you!). We would be delighted if you joined us!

Gathered Worship, Sundays, 11am; Wednesdays, 7pm

These times of presenting our lives to God are the key event in our church week. When you attend our worship times, expect to be blessed with moments of quiet reflection, a pastoral prayer for the needs of the congregation and beyond, reading of the Bible, congregational singing (of songs old and new), and a message drawn from the pages of the Bible. Our message series often work straight through an entire book of the Bible, or a large portion of it. Other times we zero in tightly on a particular verse or two, trying to squeeze out all the honey we can! Messages are illustrated with modern themes, applied to modern life, yet drawn straight from the ancient words of Holy Scripture. We are delighted to have children with us in prayer and worship as soon as their parents see fit, but many families also take advantage of our nursery during the worship services. 

Read more about opportunities for children.