Recognizing Jesus Christ as the head of the church, the governance of Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church can be described as elder led, deacon served, and congregationally governed. This means that: 

  • Overall leadership (care of souls, direction of program, oversight of teaching, and shaping of doctrine) is given by the body of elders. 
  • Deacons serve alongside the elders, managing the temporal affairs of the church (finances, property, and various committees as designated by the elders and congregation). 
  • All ministry, however, takes place with the participation and approval of the congregation who selects the elders and deacons and votes on large-scale decisions. 

Meet our leaders below. 

  • Brad Garrison, Elder

    Brad, a long time Cincinnati resident, has been a member at Pleasant Ridge since 2014.  He is involved in various ways at PRBC, in addition to a ministry of supply preaching at other churches in the area.  Brad and his wife, Karen, have five children, all at home.

  • Keith Gorby, Elder

    A native of Springfield, Ohio, Keith and his wife Carolyn have a knack for hospitality - having hosted numerous exchange students, and many discussion filled lunches on a Sunday afternoon! The Gorby's have been at PRBC since the early 80's and have four children and two grandchildren.

  • Kurt Strassner, Elder/Pastor

    Kurt is responsible for the bulk of our teaching and provides overall leadership at PRBC. In their spare time, Kurt and Tobey enjoy reading (especially Christian biography), conversation, sipping sweet tea ... and especially loving on their six children. Kurt blogs regularly at The Rest Stop

  • Charles Tassell, Elder

    Charles and Regina met in his native Michigan, moved to Cincinnati, and became a part of our church in the mid-90's. The Lord has given him a supply preaching ministry, both at PRBC and around town. The Tassells have three children, all at home.

  • Scott Moore, Deacon

    Scott leads our corporate singing and musical worship. He is married to Jessica, and they have two sons at home. Scott is also an accomplished violinist - both teaching students and playing with the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra. 

  • Steve Ogban, Deacon

    Steve is responsible for a team which welcomes worshippers on Sunday mornings, and follows up with visitors afterward. Married to Philomina, he has three grown children, and serves (with Philomina) with Abba's Living Water, a non-profit that brings drinking water to villages in his native Nigeria.

  • Gary Vaught, Deacon

    Gary, a native Hoosier, oversees the church's finances and business, as well as our building and property. He and Carolyn have been involved at PRBC for over thirty years!  He and Carolyn are blessed with two adult daughters, and two grandchildren.

  • Mark Wells, Deacon

    Mark is responsible for accommodations (audiovisual, greeters, etc.) for our services of worship. He is married to Tammy, and has three children.  Through their oldest son, Mark and Tammy have been given a ministry of encouragement to us, and to other parents of disabled children.