Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church is protestant, evangelical, and baptist. That means we believe that:

  • The Bible is the final source and authority for all we believe and desire to practice.
  • There is one true God who created us, loves us, and sustains our lives every day.
  • We owe this God (Father, Son, and Spirit) the highest love, obedience, and praise.
  • We recognize that we all fail miserably in doing the above. 
  • We, therefore, deserve God's punishment for our sins. 
  • God loves us enough that, in spite of our sin, He desires to forgive and restore us. 
  • He did so by sending Jesus to live without sin, to die in our place, and to rise on the third day. 
  • All who repent of sin and entrust themselves to God's mercy and goodness in Christ are forgiven fully, declared right in God's sight, ensured of eternal life with God in heaven and, over the course of their subsequent lives, progressively brought forward in a growing Christ-likeness.

For fuller statements of our beliefs and practices, please download our Articles of Faith, our Membership Covenant, and our Constitution.